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We help dealerships gain F&I profitability through compliant and ethical training techniques.Our suite of services and products will help your dealership find success. F&I is pivotal for massive growth. Apotheosis understands your needs and how to make your revenue stream grow!

Unique Automotive Ownership Experience

Initially starts with a sale of a vehicle to a customer and the next stage helps to boost revenue. F&I products designed to help protect your customers’ investment and build higher retention rates to bring customers back for service, maintenance and more.

Thoughout our long working relationship, we’ve found your insight to be invaluable. You are a brilliant strategic thinker whose knowledge and understanding of the industry continues to bring us competitive, profitable success year after year.

Peggy Dealer Principal - Peters of Nashua Honda & Nissan

Face to Face Experience

Helping you earn more from F&I and boost overall profitability with your performance objectives and help from our experts through analytics, goal tracking and a commitment to your long-term growth. Apotheosis acts as a team member to helping you earn more from F&I and boost overall profitability.

Process Driven F&I Performance

Every dealership has unique challenges and goals. Apotheosis helps to identify those needs and creates key strategies and processes to get your dealership to it’s goals! A data-driven approach keeps your cost low and your revenue up!